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Founded upon a tradition of excellence in 1931, Ballon Stoll Bader & Nadler, P.C. (“Ballon Stoll”) is mid-sized law firm offering an extensive range of legal services to its clients. Ballon Stoll has carefully cultivated and assembled leading practitioners in their respective fields in order to meet the business and personal needs of its clients.

Since its inception, Ballon Stoll has prided itself on servicing its clients in a holistic and cross-functional manner, avoiding lack of communication inherent in the dogmatic approach of formally structured "departments." Many firms make similar claims, but Ballon Stoll has structured itself to ensure that this synergistic approach will always be the foundation of the firm. Ballon Stoll shuns pigeonholing its attorneys into one niche area of practice. Attorneys in one practice area are encouraged to work on cases in another in order to expand their knowledge and expertise. As a result, many practitioners are recognized in several practice areas. In avoiding this rigidity and encouraging collegiality, you benefit from the wealth of accumulated experience offered by all our attorneys.