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Dedication and Collegiality. These two words summarize Ballon Stoll Bader & Nadler, P.C. ("Ballon Stoll") and the traits we look for in those interested in joining our team. All of our attorneys have demonstrated throughout their careers that they are devoted to their clients and the continued development of their professional abilities. This dedication to client and craft fuels each attorney here at Ballon Stoll and ensures that each client’s matter, whether big or small, receives the same attention and focus. This dedication also drives our attorneys to participate in various civic and philanthropic pursuits, from mentoring children and teenagers to ensuring that the voices of those who are less fortunate are heard.

Dedication alone, however, does not make for a successful attorney at Ballon Stoll. Our approach and structure ensures that we resolve each client’s matter in a cross-functional and holistic manner. You will find that the doors of every attorney at Ballon Stoll, even the Managing Partner, are always open for a consultation concerning client matters. Our attorneys are openly encouraged to consult with one another, particularly where a decision in one area of law may have an impact in another. Given this, it is important for new members of the team to add to the environment of collaboration and constructive cooperation that set the firm apart.

By assembling a team of attorneys and para-professionals who are united by common purpose and traits, Ballon Stoll can continue to provide its clients with exceptional legal services that exceeds expectations, and provide you with the opportunity to advance your career. If you are interested in an opportunity at Ballon Stoll or have questions, please contact our Director of Administration.