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Expert Labor and Employment Law Services 

We provide legal guidance for concerns involving hiring, firing and thinking of retiring. The Employment Law Practice Group provides services related to such workplace concerns as employment discrimination claims and other types of employment disputes, employee benefits, severance packages, disability benefits claims, employee handbooks, collective bargaining arbitration and the representation of clients before administrative agencies and in employment and labor-related law suits.  Successful employment cases pursued by Ballon Stoll attorneys have been described in The Wall Street Journal, The New York Law Journal, The New York Post and The Amsterdam News.

More so than many other fields of practice, labor relations is a fluid area of the law with the court and legislatures continually balancing the equities between labor and management.  Labor Law often impacts on other areas of the law, such as bankruptcy and anti-trust and it has an obvious effect on all employers. Our firm has represented labor unions and management, as well as joint union-management trust funds.  By virtue of our experience on both sides of the table, we offer insights to our clients which are not solely one-dimensional.  This also enables us to achieve rapid and amicable settlements when there are problems and to anticipate and eliminate areas of potential conflict before they actually arise.


Our Labor & Employment Attorneys

Marshall B. Bellovin
Robert Jaffe
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Steven Balken

What Clients Say

"I just recently successfully got my green card. All of this is inseparable from Ballon Stoll P.C. law firm. I really appreciate their help. If you need an immigration lawyer, I highly recommend their team. 5 stars services, the best!"
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