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Litigation encompasses all phases of business and personal life, from commercial and corporate, to personal injury, domestic relations, copyright, landlord/tenant conflicts, civil and commercial matters, breach of contract, intellectual property and lawsuits involving the interests of insurance companies.


Our attorneys practice “preventive law” and strive to avoid litigation wherever possible.  In this vein, we attempt to resolve a matter before it reaches the courts in an effort to avoid the emotional and financial drain that often accompanies a trial.


At Ballon Stoll P.C., our litigators emphasize thoroughness and preparation. The client is kept fully informed throughout all phases of the proceedings. We work with plaintiffs and defendants to pursue all available remedies.


We encourage our clients to put themselves entirely in our hands in any litigation matter whether a breach of contract, trademark infringement or a personal injury, whether the client is a bank, a municipality, a large steel mill, an insurance company or a tenant in dispute with his landlord.


Our Litigation Attorneys 

Marshall B. Bellovin
Vano Haroutunian
Leon B. Bornstein
Avram Turkel

Business Litigation, Family law, Real estate, Intellectual property litigation

Andrew Mallon
Steven Balken

What Clients Say

"I just recently successfully got my green card. All of this is inseparable from Ballon Stoll P.C. law firm. I really appreciate their help. If you need an immigration lawyer, I highly recommend their team. 5 stars services, the best!"
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