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Our real estate practice comprises a substantial part of our business. We represent buyers and sellers of a wide range of residential and commercial properties in several states.  Our services include the negotiation of partnership agreements and the syndication, financing and structuring of real estate partnerships.

 We are also counsel to landlords and managing agents in their landlord and tenant services.  We also represent condominium and cooperative boards.

 We routinely represent sponsors of cooperative and condominium offerings, developers, syndicators and prominent real estate companies.  We prepare and review cooperative, condominium, residential and commercial instruments, including complex commercial leases.  In short, our attorneys are experienced and capable in these transactions at every level of sophistication.

 House/condominium/cooperative closings are accomplished efficiently and expeditiously often resulting in saving both time and money for our individual clients.


Our Real Estate Attorneys

Mark Stillman

Mark B. Stillman

Real Estate, Corporate and Securities, Commercial Finance, General and Specialty Business Transactions

Robert Klipstein

Robert A. Klipstein

Estate Planning, Estate Administration, Immigration and Naturalization, Tax Planning

Avram Turkel - Partner at Ballon Stoll P.C.

Avram Turkel

Business Litigation, Family law, Real estate, Intellectual property litigation

What Clients Say

"I just recently successfully got my green card. All of this is inseparable from Ballon Stoll P.C. law firm. I really appreciate their help. If you need an immigration lawyer, I highly recommend their team. 5 stars services, the best!"
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