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In its simplest form, arbitration is the vehicle by which conflicts and disputes are resolved by eliminating many of the formalities, expenses and delays associated with court proceedings. Over the years we have resolved innumerable conflicts through arbitration in various industries such as textiles and apparel, securities brokerage, labor, entertainment, and a plethora of commercial matters. To serve our clients even more thoroughly, we have expanded our arbitration activities to encompass the burgeoning unfunded pension liability area.


Our Arbitration Attorneys

Marshall B. Bellovin
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Robert Jaffe
Michael H. Du Boff

What Clients Say

"I just recently successfully got my green card. All of this is inseparable from Ballon Stoll P.C. law firm. I really appreciate their help. If you need an immigration lawyer, I highly recommend their team. 5 stars services, the best!"
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